Course Content and Outcome Guide for FP 271

Course Number:
FP 271
Course Title:
Fire Officer II
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Course Description

Includes second level supervisory functions associated with human resource management, community and government relations, fire administration, inspection and investigation, emergency service delivery, and health and safety. Meets NFPA 1021, Chapter 5, Fire Officer II. Prerequisite: FP 270 or equivalent.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

· Work with human resources to accomplish assignments in accordance with safety plans and in an efficient manner.
· Skillfully respond with inquiries by the community and communicate the role, image, and mission of the fire department to the public.
· Apply general administrative functions and implement departmental policies and procedures at the station level.
· Conduct inspections to identify hazards and address violations and investigate fires to determine preliminary cause, secure incident scenes, and preserve evidence.
· Supervise emergency operations, conduct pre-incident planning, and deploy assigned resources in accordance with the local emergency plan.
· Apply health and safety plans, policies, and procedures to daily activities as well as the emergency scenes.