Course Content and Outcome Guide for ECE 241

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ECE 241
Course Title:
Exploring the CDA
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Course Description

Introduces the national Child Development Associate (CDA) credential for professionals in early childhood care and education. Includes a description of the process of applying, developing competencies, and completing requirements for the CDA. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Introduction to the Child Development Associate will offer an opportunity for students to gain information about the CDA as one way to
gain recognition for professional development.  The course will focus on giving information about the training requirements and options,
including the certificate programs and the associate of applied science program in early childhood education at Portland Community College.  The course will also offer an option for on-going support between class members as they make progress toward achieving the CDA credential.

Course Activities and Design

The course content will include:  overview of the CDA, pathways to professional development, professional autobiography, resource file,
scholarships, advisor selection, preparation for the observation, application form, Parent Opinion Questionnaires, and verification visit.
The format will include mini-lectures, small group discussions, and guest speakers.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Requirements include class attendance, completion of a professional
development plan, draft of one statement of competence, and development
of the resource collection for one competency goal area.  In addition,
optional assignments may be completed by the students.  Final grades
will be assigned based upon the completion of the above

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

*Knowledge of the CDA and how it fits into an individual professional
development plan.

*Knowledge of the process of training and applying for the CDA.

*Articulation of statement of competence in one of the six competency
goal areas for the CDA, suitable for the resource file.

*Development of resource collection for one of the competency goal
areas, suitable for the resource file.