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DT 284
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Dental Specialties
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Course Description

Introduces dental specialties and advanced techniques that involve participation and skill of the dental lab technician. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Orthodontics will be emphasized

Intended Outcomes for the course

1. Describe and differentiate between the six dental specialties and identify the role of the technician in each.

2. Explain the procedures used in the design and fabrication of a variety of orthodontic appliances.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

1. Quizzes
2. Completion of assignments
3. Attendance and class participation

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


1.   Specialty areas in dentistry
2.   Orthognathology as an emerging specialty
3.   TMJ dysfunction
4.   Legal and ethical implications
5.   Malocclusion
6.   Methods and limitations of tooth movement
7.   Types of removable orthodontic appliances
8.   Removable vs. fixed orthodontia
9.   Retainers
10. Repair procedures
11. Role of the lab technician
12. Taking the impression
13. Alginate materials
14. The orthodontic study cast .


1.   Discuss the six dental specialties and explain their relationship to dental laboratory technology.

2.   Discuss the practice of orthodontic dentistry and define the role of the dental laboratory technician in this            


3.   Describe and demonstrate the techniques of taking alginate impressions for orthodontic study casts.

4.   Evaluate the quality of the impression and explain how to correct or improve it.

5.   Describe and demonstrate the procedures needed to produce orthodontic quality study casts.

6.   Discuss the specialty of endodontics and how it relates to the dental laboratory technician.

7.   Describe and discuss treatment modalities that fall within the realm of oral surgery and relate each to the dental lab technician.

8.   Discuss obturation as part of cleft palate management and the role of the dental lab technician in this procedure.

9.   Describe and discuss implant materials designs and techniques and relate dental implants to the dental laboratory technician.

10. Explain TMJ function and dysfunction and the role of the dental laboratory technician in the management of this disorder.

11. Discuss the specialty of maxillo-facial surgery and the replacement of lost oral and facial structures.

12. Define the roles of the dentist, the oral surgeon, the general surgeon and the dental laboratory technician            in this type of treatment.

13. Describe and discuss the scope of treatment included in the specialty of periodontics and define the role of the dental lab technician in the management of periodontal disease.