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DT 151
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Science of Dental Materials I
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Course Description

Overview of materials used in dentistry such as gypsum products, waxes and impression materials. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Introduces chemistry and physics, especially as they relate to dental materials, such as waxes, gypsum products, impression materials and acrylic resins. Measurement techniques and unit conversions are stressed. Application of principles will occur in DT 101, Dental Technology Lab 1.

Prerequisite - Students must have been accepted into the Dental Laboratory Technology Program through the formal admissions process or receive permission of the instructor and department chair.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1. Describe basic dental materials by uses/ limitations and testing for oral environment compatibility

2. List specific oral environment conditions under which materials are tested and their controlling agencies.

3. Differentiate between physical and chemical states and their importance

4. List dental materials history

5. List physical/chemical properties, uses, procedures of gypsums, waxes, impression materials and denture acrylics

6. Articulate

7. Separator Types/Uses

8. Discuss abraisives uses/limitations

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Determined by interim written examination, lecture attendance, presentation, participation and successful completion of assignments and projects as assigned. Student will also receive a comprehensive final examination.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

THEMES, CONCEPTS, ISSUES: Dental Materials Overview, Gypsums, Waxes, Impression Materials, Acrylics and Separators.


1. Describe the dental materials used in the field, properties, applications, limitations and the agencies that control their use.

2. Describe history of dental materials and techniques.

3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the nature/uses of gypsum products and to relate this knowledge the dental laboratory.

4. Describe the nature and uses of dental waxes.

5. Explain the nature and uses of impression materials.

6. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the nature and uses of denture base materials.

7. Explain the nature/uses of dental separating materials.

8. Produce evidence of develop knowledge and understanding in the nature and uses of dental abrasives.

9. Demonstrate communications skills by classroom presentations.