Course Content and Outcome Guide for DS 9112 Effective Fall 2015

Course Number:
DS 9112
Course Title:
Sm Mar Diesel Eng Maint & T/U
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Course Description

Analyze and diagnose each supporting system of the small diesel engine to properly tune the engine for maximum performance. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This is an outcome-based course utilizing a lecture/lab format and includes videos, demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on learning.

Course Activities and Design

• Troubleshoot a diesel fuel system and marine cooling system.
• Demonstrate how to troubleshoot an electrical circuit.
• Demonstrate how to troubleshoot a marine cooling system.
• Demonstrate safe work procedures.
• Learn the relationship between horsepower and propellers.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

• Written multiple choice, true/false and short answer tests.
• Hands on practical tests.
• Work ethics.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Knowledge of how and why Marine engines and electrical systems work.
• Learn, lubrication, mechanical and electrical systems as relates to marine Diesel engines.
• Learn history and theory of Marine diesel systems.
• Learn about Marine electrical systems and their proper repair.
• Learn about and demonstrate the proper alignment of propeller shaft to the engine.

Skills in Marine engine failure diagnosis.
• Learn to recognize failures and their causes.
• Learn to properly evaluate a failure and find the reason for the failure.

Practice personal safety.

• Learn and practice personal safety by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
• Learn and practice shop cleanliness.
• Learn and practice tool maintenance and safety.