Course Content and Outcome Guide for DS 202

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DS 202
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Heavy Duty Power Train
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Course Description

Introduces advanced theory and applications of automatic and power shift transmissions used in the heavy equipment industry. Prerequisites: RD 80 or equivalent placement test score and MTH 20 or equivalent placement test score or successful completion of the Diesel Service Technology Math Entrance Exam. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This is an outcome-based course utilizing a lecture/lab format and includes videos, workbooks, demonstrations, lectures, and hands on learning.  It prepares the student to confidently work on heavy-duty power trains and their components in an industrial environment.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

? Disassemble, inspect, reassemble and understand the power flow of heavy-duty on and off road automatic and power shift transmissions.
? Apply theory and applications of various torque converter designs.
? Apply knowledge of the materials needed to properly repair and maintain heavy-duty power trains and their components.
? Diagnose failures and research the failure symptoms in service manuals.
? Apply personal safety by using protective gear and safe procedures in all work areas.
? Assess diagnostic information from computer-controlled transmissions.

Course Activities and Design

• Disassemble, assemble, inspect and document any failed parts.
• Learn proper use of parts and service manuals.
• Identify parts and correctly perform failure analysis.
• Demonstrate safe work procedures.
• Learn gear ratios and how they are related to torque.
• Demonstrate a understanding of power flows, so to be able to troubleshoot a problem in a heavy duty transmission.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

• Written multiple choice, true/false and short answer tests.
• Hands on practical tests.
• Daily/weekly/term project portfolio.
• Attendance
• Work ethics

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Knowledge of how and why heavy-duty power trains work.
• Learn adjustment procedures, lubrication, mechanical and electrical systems.
• Learn history and theory of heavy-duty power trains.
• Learn how a torque converter multiplies torque.

Learn about tools and materials.
• Learn about different types of transmissions, power trains and their proper use.
• Learn about and demonstrate the proper use of computer programs in analysis of computer-controlled transmissions.
• Learn and demonstrate the proper use of the tools for used in heavy-duty power train repair.

Skills in heavy-duty power train failure diagnosis.
• Learn to recognize failures and their causes.
• Learn the resources available to the technician for research and failure identification.
• Learn to properly evaluate a failure to find the reason for the failure.

Practice personal safety.
• Learn and practice personal safety by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
• Learn and practice shop cleanliness.
• Learn and practice tool maintenance and safety.

Related Instruction

Hours: 16


  • Knowledge of how torque converters work and where they are used.
  • Develop skills needed to use a computer program to assess diagnosis information from a computer-controlled transmission


Hours: 54


  • Develop skills in failure diagnosis and researching the failure symptoms in service manuals.


Human Relations
Hours: 64


  • Practice personal safety by using protective gear and safe procedures in all work areas.