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D 252
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Jazz Dance III
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Course Description

Continues development of jazz dance technique at the intermediate level. Emphasizes increased strength, control, flexibility, stamina, musicality, dynamics, and jazz dance vocabulary in more challenging combinations. D 252 and PE 186H are equivalent and only one may be taken for credit. Recommended: D 151 or PE 186G or equivalent. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Combined classes are limited to two levels.  Class meeting times are not to exceed 110 minutes per day. 

Intended Outcomes for the course

·         Develop and increase intermediate skills and kinesthetic awareness in jazz dance technique.

·         Identify and apply the principles of jazz dance technique and vocabulary.

·         Explore and appreciate jazz dance as an art form. 

Outcome Assessment Strategies

·         Attendance, participation, and effort.

·         Demonstrate knowledge and skills in intermediate jazz dance technique.

·         Written and/or practical evaluation.

·         Paper or report on jazz dance.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Fundamental Principles of Jazz Dance Technique:

            Correct alignment

            Turnout and parallel positions of the legs and feet

            Body and arm positions

            Jazz dance vocabulary

            Safe and efficient dance techniques

Jazz Dance Class, intermediate level:

            Warm-up sequences

            Axial movements


            Ballet based movements: plies, battements, rond de jambe

            Floor work


            Connecting steps

            Jazz walks

            Jazz turns

Jazz jumps

            Dance combinations

Structure of jazz dance class

Dance class etiquette

Jazz Dance Aesthetics/Awareness:

            Energy and dynamics of movement

            Rhythmic variations and syncopation

Spatial awareness

Awareness of jazz dance styles


Demonstrate correct technique and appropriate skills in intermediate jazz dance steps and combinations:

            Warm-up sequences

            Plie sequences



            Floor work

            Connecting steps

            Jazz walks

            Jazz turns

            Jazz jumps

            Traveling combinations

            Dance combinations

Demonstrate intermediate jazz dance steps and combinations with variations in rhythm, dynamics, levels, and direction.

Demonstrate improved control, strength, coordination, stamina, and flexibility in jazz dance.

Demonstrate ability to learn, execute, and retain jazz dance steps and combinations from visual, aural, and kinesthetic cues with greater speed and accuracy.

Demonstrate ability to combine technique with expression, presentation, and style.

Demonstrate ability to reverse combinations.

Examine and articulate ideas about a dance performance.

Present a paper or report on jazz dance.