Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Course Number:
D 152
Course Title:
Introduction to Dance
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Course Description

Introduces fundamentals of dance technique including training in movement styles from a variety of disciplines. Focuses on correct alignment, development of strength, flexibility, range of motion, and stability, dance specific terminology, and musicality. Provides students with a foundation for Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Though intended for the beginning student, it is also useful for those with a background in dance who wish to further refine their technical ability

Intended Outcomes for the course

1. Maintain health and wellbeing via physical activity, self-expression, and group interaction.
2. Appreciate dance as an art form.
3. Apply lessons in basic anatomy, safe practices, and injury prevention in order to make informed choices in dance training and performance.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

1. Participation
Other assessment to include one of the following:
1. Research paper
2. Journal entries
3. Creative project
4. Practical exam
5. Written exam to test knowledge of history, philosophy, and/or terminology

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

· Movement vocabulary from Ballet and Modern and Jazz. Other forms may be included.
· Examine similarities and differences between different movement forms
· Basic anatomical references, images, and visualization as well as experiential anatomy exercises
· Safe practices in dance
· Dance specific terminology
· Self-evaluation as well as instructor and peer feedback
· Principles of alignment
· Elements of movement such as shape, space, time, and dynamics or movement qualities