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CS 250
Course Title:
Discrete Structures I
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Course Description

Introduces discrete structures and computational techniques in the areas of first-order logic, discrete proofs, number theory, sequences, induction, recursion, and set theory. Prerequisites: MTH 111, CS 161. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon the successful completion of this course students will be able to:
Formulate, interpret, and apply mathematical concepts, especially techniques for computing sets, graphs and trees, recursive definitions, and discrete probability in real world contexts.
Use analytical problem solving strategies to solve problems using multiple approaches and to interpret the results in practical terms.
Utilize those techniques in discrete mathematics and logic that are used in the study and practice of computer science.
Be prepared for subsequent coursework in the mathematical foundation of Computer Science.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment must include:
1. At least two in-class proctored examinations, one of which may be the final exam, and
2. At least two of the following additional measures, where at least one includes writing:

a) take-home examinations. (group and/or individual)
b) projects. (group and/or individual)
c) quizzes. (group and/or individual)
d) graded homework/worksheets.
E) in-class activities.
F) attendance.