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CMET 254
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Civil/Mechanical Engineering Technology Seminar
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Course Description

Topics include information on finding employment in the civil/mechanical/manufacturing industry, writing resumes, and interviewing. Prerequisites: WR 115. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

The overall objective of this course is to provide students with career advancement and career management skills. Specifically, the weekly seminar sessions will help students develop skills and knowledge in job search, team work, research and presentations, critical reading and thinking, technical report writing, ethics in technology, and enhance project management skills through presentations from local area project managers of large and small construction companies. Students will learn to make PowerPoint presentations, and may be introduced to advances in computer-aided design software.
Additionally; these sessions will provide students with opportunities to network with local civil and mechanical engineering professionals. Occasionally, guest speakers from local corporations will make presentations. Through these sessions students will gain knowledge regarding new trends, software programs currently used, information on various industries, employment opportunities, duties and responsibilities of a civil and mechanical engineering technician, skills needed to be successful and make career advancements, etc. A mock interview session simulating actual job interviews will be offered. Advisory Committee members from various related organizations will conduct these interviews.

This is a one-credit course that meets once a week. This course is a requirement for an Associate of Applied Science degrees in Civil Engineering Technology and in Mechanical Engineering Technology.
Transferability of credit depends entirely upon the institution to which the student wishes to transfer.

Intended Outcomes for the course

After completing this course the student will:

  • Be familiar with civil, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering organizations in the Portland metropolitan area.
  • Have an understanding of the duties and responsibilities expected of a civil or mechanical engineering technician.
  • Have enhanced job search skills: research the industry, develop an effective resume, cover letters for a specific job, and learn interview techniques.
  • Be able to conduct Internet research of various potential employers.
  • Have critical reading and thinking skills through the critical reviews of articles in civil and mechanical engineering area.
  • Know about diversity in Industry.
  • Be aware of issues of ethics in engineering and technology.
  • Have enhanced presentation skills through Power Point or other appropriate software programs.
  • Understand conflict resolution and negotiation methods.
  • Possess career advancement skills.
  • Have enhanced communication skills.
  • Be able participate effectively in discussions.
  • Have knowledge and skills in various aspects of construction projects.

Course Activities and Design

This course will be presented through lecture and discussion sessions. Guest speakers from local industries will make presentations for a majority of the seminar sessions. The methods of delivery will also utilize audio-visual and power point presentations

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


The following skills are critical for engineers and engineering technicians in Civil/Mechanical Engineering Technology:

Job Search and Career Advancement Skills
Research and Critical Thinking Skills
Effective Written and Oral Communications/Presentation Skills
Networking Skills, Connect with Local Industries
Professionalism Including Ethical Conduct
Project Management Skills, Large and Small
Participation in Team Projects
Interpersonal Skills
An Understanding of New Trends

Suggested Topics:
Research of local industries
"PCC Education And How It Helped Me In My Job,"- several seminar sessions are conducted during the term by former graduates, who are employed by Civil/Mechanical engineering organizations in the Portland metropolitan area.
Trends in the civil, mechanical, and manufacturing organizations
"Skills We Look For In Our Employees", seminar sessions offered by employers, managers/supervisors of local organizations
Develop critical reading and thinking skills- review articles, make value judgments about uncertain information
Ethics in Engineering & Technology
Finding The Perfect Job - Job Search Skills - Writing Effective Resumes, Cover Letters/Thank You Notes
Continuing Your Education at OIT
Developing a PowerPoint Presentation
Mock Interviews conducted by Industry Representatives