Course Content and Outcome Guide for CH 223H

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CH 223H
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General Chemistry III: Honors
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Course Description

An honors version of General Chemistry III. Introduces acid-base chemistry, ionic equilibria; electrochemistry; nuclear chemistry; thermodynamics; and descriptive chemistry topics. Special topics will be included as time and interest allows. This is the third course in a three course sequence.25 GPA.

Intended Outcomes for the course

After completion of this course, students will:
· apply the fundamental principles of chemical equilibrium as applied to solubility, acids and bases, oxidation and reduction and electrochemistry, and other reactive species, as well as thermodynamics and nuclear chemistry to subsequent courses in chemistry, biology, physics, geology, engineering and various other related disciplines that depend upon these principles for successful comprehension.
· apply the fundamental principles of measurement, matter, atomic theory and chemical bonding to their understanding of themselves and their natural and technological environments.
· use mathematical and chemical reasoning skills, both qualitative and quantitative, to solve specific problems encountered in everyday life and professional settings.
· use effective collaborative skills when working with other people to solve complex problems and accomplish tasks effectively and timely in everyday life and professional settings.
· use an understanding of effective written communication skills to effectively communicate complex scientific and technological ideas, models and conclusions through the generation of informal and formal writings and reports in a scientifically acceptable manner.
· critically evaluate sources of scientific information to logically decide the bias, strengths and weaknesses of the information concerning the effect of chemistry and chemical concepts on themselves and their environment.

Honors Specific Outcomes:

· use scientific research methods to investigate chemically-oriented questions relevant to individual interests, and make connections to other natural and physical sciences, the arts, humanities and/or other areas of human interest.
· effectively communicate (verbally and written) about sources of scientific information, including primary literature and topics from professional scientific
presentations, discussing the bias, strengths and weaknesses of the information and the effect of the chemistry and chemical concepts on themselves and their environment.
· Use sustainability ideas and tools to identify and assist green chemistry innovation.

Course Activities and Design

This Honors version of General Chemistry III will require students to investigate, critically evaluate and effectively communicate about primary sources of scientific research and topics from professional scientific presentations. In addition, students will independently apply the scientific method to research a known or unknown scientific question.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Written report and oral presentation on the design, development, implementation and results of a laboratory research experiment.
Students will be encouraged to participate at a national or regional chemistry conference by presenting experimental results.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Content and concepts are identical to CH 223.
Engagement in the scientific process.