Course Content and Outcome Guide for CEU 939C Effective Fall 2015

Course Number:
CEU 939C
Course Title:
Nutritional Therapy Winter Ter
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Course Description

Study and apply the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle to achieve vibrant health and wellness. Winter Term covers Nutritional Assessment Techniques, Nutrition's Role in Physical Health and Fitness, and Pharmacology and Dietary Supplements. Recommended Pre-Req: Online Biochemical/Nutrient Foundations Refresher.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Analyze client pathologies and common symptoms of metabolism and immune system toward development of client recommendations on health maintenance, management of acute and chronic conditions and compliance.
  2. Evaluate Ayurvedic core nutritional concepts and clinical symptoms for client diet/deficiency conditions and apply methodology and procedures of Ayurveda in diet planning, health maintenance, compliance and efficacy
  3. Present cultural and academic approaches to whole foods cooking, procurement and storage; Design menu plans utilizing therapeutic foods and nutrient intake/deficiency assessment; recall, explain and integrate food therapy as applied to health maintenance, acute and chronic conditions, and efficacy