Course Content and Outcome Guide for CEU 917X Effective Summer 2015

Course Number:
CEU 917X
Course Title:
Nutritional Therapy: FALL TERM
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Course Description

Covers nutritional assessment (i.e., Diet analysis, Nutritional Body Typing, Lab tests); food therapy comparative dietary systems, diet planning, popular diets, whole foods diets, ethnic influences; life cycles of age & gender, weight management and sports nutrition.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Apply assessment techniques to address common nutrient related deficiencies; recommend lab tests; and recall, explain and integrate methodology and procedures for diet, nutrient intake/deficiency, body typing, acute and chronic conditions and health maintenance
  2. Apply cultural/academic approaches to whole foods cooking, procuring and storing food; design menu plans utilizing therapeutic foods & nutrient intake/deficiency assessment; recall, explain and integrate methodology and procedures of food therapy toward health maintenance, acute and chronic conditions and compliance
  3. Discuss/coach clients on areas of clinical concern specific to life stages, age related conditions, gender, best practices in sexual/reproductive system pathologies; recall and explain methodology and controversies in weight management and sports performance