Course Content and Outcome Guide for CEU 3224 Effective Summer 2015

Course Number:
CEU 3224
Course Title:
Nutritional Assess Tech ONLINE
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Course Description

Analyze assessment techniques for nutrients and deficiency conditions, diet, body typing. Gain clinical familiarity with lab tests, tissue analysis, symptom and energetic evaluations. Gain skill applying nutritional assessment to health maintenance, acute/chronic conditions, compliance and efficacy. Learn what to eat and complementary supplements.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1.Apply up to 20 commonly used assessment techniques addressing approximately 30 common nutrients and related deficiency conditions
2.Recommend laboratory tests, tissue analysis, symptom and energetic assessments
3.Recall, explain and integrate nomenclature, methodology and procedures of nutritional assessment for diet, nutrient intake/deficiency and body typing, acute and chronic conditions, compliance and health maintenance.