Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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CEU 3216
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Herbalism Professional Series ONILNE- Holistic Herbalism
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Course Description

The Holistic Herbalism Module focuses on the study of specific herbal properties, Western Herbal Energetics, Preparations, Skin and Topical therapies, Plant Chemistry, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalism, Reproductive, Musculoskeletal, Immune and Endocrine systems, Herbalism for Young and Elderly, Integrative Healing: Diet, Cleansing, Herbal Hydrotherapy.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Apply plant chemistry and herbal therapies/preparations toward integrated healing
  2. Incorporate Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbal practices toward conditions of the Reproductive, Musculoskeletal, Immune and Endocrine systems