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CAS 285
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Capstone for Website Development/Design
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Course Description

Encompasses producing a dynamic web project using industry standard software and technical tools. Includes planning, production, project review, and peer critiques. Includes completion of an online portfolio showcasing coursework artifacts from all completed courses. Includes development of a self-marketing statement emphasizing student web focus area. Prerequisites: Department Approval Required.

Addendum to Course Description

This course should be completed the final term of completing the degree.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

1. Plan and produce dynamic web projects using industry standard software and technical tools
2. Integrate feedback from colleagues to enhance web projects
3. Continually improve and expand a comprehensive online portfolio to showcase one€™s web development and design skills
4. Verbally communicate a self?marketing statement of skills for employment in the website development and design industry

Course Activities and Design

? Plan & design capstone project
? Provide constructive feedback to peers projects
? Integrate feedback from peers and faculty
? Produce a comprehensive web project
? Complete and present online portfolio
? Develop and present self?marketing statement

Outcome Assessment Strategies

? Completion of a final web project
? Presentation of a completed online portfolio
? Presentation of a self?marketing statement

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

? Create a wireframe plan of the final project
? Articulate plan verbally
? Produce a final project demonstrating web design and development skills
? Effectively troubleshoot technical issues
? Participate in peer review process
? Integrate faculty and peer feedback to improve final project
? Complete portfolio that can be accessed online outside PCC
? Develop and present self?marketing web skills statement