Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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BCT 220
Course Title:
Cabinetmaking II
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Course Description

Expands on the data management, materials, hardware, outsourcing alternatives, equipment and techniques necessary to produce industry standard cabinetry covered in BCT 219. Includes cabinet construction using the 32mm system, and stile & rail door making. Cabinet installation methods for kitchens and baths are covered including room preparation, cabinet layout, cabinet storage, cabinet and countertop installation, appliance installation, and moldings. Kitchen and bath design skills will be developed by hand drafting assigned case studies. Prerequisites: BCT 219. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Design and construct industry standard cabinets
  • Safely and appropriately use stationary and portable power tools and hand tools for cabinet machining, assembly and finishing.
  • Draw accurate, shop and working drawings using industry accepted presentation standards.
  • Install cabinetry, countertops, molding and appliances to industry standards.
  • Prepare contract documents, using industry standards for written and graphic communication

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • Learners will work collaboratively to construct two cabinet projects from shop drawings provided by instructor. Students will be assessed for time management skills, interpretation of drawings, accuracy of cut list, quality of finished product, cooperative work practices, safe operation of hand and power tools and general shop practices.
  • Learners will recall and apply kitchen and bath design guidelines through written quizzes and design challenges.
  • Learners will interview a prospective kitchen and/or bath remodel customer and complete a client survey form. Assessment will be based on completeness, neatness and timely submission.
  • Learners will work independently on an instructor assigned kitchen or bath design project. Students seeking CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) or CBD (Certified Bath Designer) will complete and submit designs for the NKBA student design competition as their independent project.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes, issues and concepts

  • Metric system
  • 32mm system
  • Measuring the design space
  • Pre-design interviews w/ clients
  • Cabinet door identification
  • Joinery
  • Machining, surfacing and assembly of cabinets
  • Bill of materials and cut lists
  • Cabinet installation
  • Adhesives
  • Using sustainable materials in cabinetmaking
  • Plastic laminate
  • Fastening systems
  • Edge-banding
  • Drawing and interpreting shop drawings
  • Cabinet design principles
  • The Golden Section
  • The Hambridge proportion
  • Drafting equipment
  • Drafting techniques
  • Kitchen and bath specification
  • Cabinet nomenclature
  • Universal design
  • National Kitchen and Bath Association planning guidelines
  • Legal obligations of design as related to the drafting plans

Process Skills:

  1. Read, convert and use Imperial and metric measurements
  2. Use analytical skills to interpret and use technical data 
  3. Use critical thinking to assess client needs
  4. Use writing skills to document
  5. Identify and safely use appropriate hand and power tools to machine, fabricate and finish cabinetry
  6. Interpret shop drawings to identify construction methods, material types and hardware
  7. Draw or sketch to present ideas
  8. Use a hand held calculator
  9. Work collaboratively with team members
  10. Practice effective time management