Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Course Number:
BCT 209
Course Title:
VectorWorks for Contractors II
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Course Description

Explores and expands on the study of Vectorworks CAD based software . Covers file management, drawing tools and rendering methods used to create orthogonal project documents and realistic three-dimensional conceptual drawings. Introduces Renderworks software for adding life like effects, colors and textures to three-dimensional Vectorworks drawings. Prerequisites: BCT 105 or instructor permission. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

? Draw three-dimensional pictorial drawings and working drawings for remodel and cabinet projects using Vectorworks CAD software.
? Interpret site gathered information and translate into realistic 3D CAD drawings
? Appraise drawing quality by printing VectorWorks drawings on DeskJet printers and plotters.

Course Activities and Design

? Computer skills
? Critical thinking
? Computer vocabulary
? Architectural vocabulary
? Computer shortcuts
? Construction mathematics
? Visualization
? Memorization

Outcome Assessment Strategies

? Students will draw a three-dimensional garden seat, 2 dimensional parts drawing and a worksheet with parts list.
? Students will draw and plot a three-dimensional kitchen complete with lighting and rendering using Vectorworks with Renderworks.
? Students will draw a three-dimensional residential building with landscaping using Renderworks textures, Vectorworks Backgrounds and Sun animation.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

? Vectorworks environment
? 2D object creation
? 3D object creation
? 3D viewing tools, including flyovers and walkthroughs
? Worksheets
? Practical layer and class setup for 3D models
? 3D models using VectorWorks' layer linking feature
? Effective methods for lighting a model
? Using RenderWorks to apply lifelike textures to models
? Printing and plotting VectorWorks files
? Vectorworks Backgrounds