Course Content and Outcome Guide for BA 98

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BA 98
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Business Admin:Skills & Issues
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Course Description

Increases academic skills and deepens understanding of business administration as a discipline while supporting work performed in BA 101. Includes 1) a tutorial relating to course concepts and content, 2) academic skill building, including discipline-specific vocabulary, concepts, study skills, investigative techniques, and research mechanics, and 3) a brief community-related learning project to allow for direct application of learning. The overarching goal is to develop a deeper understanding of business practices. Corequisite: BA 101. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

After successful completion of BA 98, the student will be able to:
  • Use critical thinking to evaluate business relationships and their impact on society
  • Demonstrate effective business communications commonly accepted in emerging enterprise models 
  • Explore successful business practices on the local, national, and global levels that take into account cross-cultural factors
  • Identify culturally grounded assumptions that have influenced perceptions in the business community
  • Explain the relationship between human resource management and levels of employee satisfaction
  • Explain the relationship between Appreciative Inquiry and profitable leadership styles
  • Demonstrate effective communication through writing and speaking
  • Demonstrate increased performance on business administration course assessments and assignments

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The instructor will assess student learning using the following methods to determine the achievement of course outcomes:
·         Individualized community-related learning project
·         Formal written papers that describe and analyze business topics or issues
·         Participation in and contribution to large and small group discussions and activities
·         Evaluations of different interpretations of the same business phenomena
·         Exams and exercises
·         Small group projects

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes, Concepts and Issues
These items are reflected in the joint business administration course: BA 101.
·         Critical thinking
·         Evaluating the efficacy and ethics of business practices
·         Effective communication, both oral and written
·         Working collaboratively with others
·         Library and Internet use
·         Research of primary and secondary sources