Course Content and Outcome Guide for BA 9703

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BA 9703
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Income Tax Preparation: Basic
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Course Description

Elements of taxation. Meets the statutory educational requirements for those wishing to be licensed income tax preparers in Oregon. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This course is generally non-transferable to four-year institutions.

The student should consult the Business Division for a listing of the approved text and supplemental materials.  Current prices for
materials may be found in the PCC bookstore.

Course Activities and Design

Instructional methods include class discussion, lecture, problems and case studies.  This is a "hands on" course.  Forms and
schedules will be stressed.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

At the beginning of the course, the instructor will detail the
methods used to evaluate student progress and the criteria for
assigning a course grade.  The methods may include one or more of
the following tools:  Examination, quizzes, homework assignments,
research papers, small group problem solving of questions arising
from application of course concepts and concerns to actual
experience, and oral presentationes.  Pass/No pass grading is

The following factors will influence the student's ability to
complete the defined outcomes:  Motivation, attendance, speed of
mastering the subject matter, and timeliness of assignments.


How to complete individual tax returns.

    Filing status



How exemptions and dependents influence taxes paid.

    Exemption terms

    Reporting exemptions and dependents

Income in the broad sense as opposed to income that is not
subject to tax.


    Effect of exclusions on return

How money can be saved by deducting part of medical, dental, and
some unreimbursed employee expenses.

    Medical and dental expenses

    Unreimbursed employee expenses

How money can be saved by deducting some taxes, interest,
contributions, and medical expenses.

    Deductible taxes

    Deductible interest

    Deductible contributions

    Deductible medical expenses

    Other deductions

How to calculate tax.

    Tables and charts

Understanding the basics of Oregon tax law.

    Form 40

    Form 40S

    Other Oregon forms and schedules

    Licensing requirements

How to calculate adjusted gross income.




    Other adjustments

Understanding and applying depreciation.

    Interview techniques

    Business property

    Determining gain or loss from sale of depreciable property

How to report income not covered elsewhere.

    Interview techniques

    Prizes and awards

    Gambling winnings and losses

    Miscellaneous topics

How to calculate self-employment tax.

    Farm income

    Schedule C

    Schedule SE

    Other schedules

How credits affect the amount of taxes paid.

    Interview techniques

    Credit for child care

    Credit for elderly and disabled

    Credit for foreign taxes

    Other credits

The taxability of proceeds from the disposition of business

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Property through sale or exchange

    Capital gains and losses

How gain on the sale of a personal residence may be deferred, and
how to deduct certain moving expenses.

    Installment sales

    Interview techniques

    Sale of residence

How to calculate taxes and payments not covered elsewhere.


    Interview techniques