Course Content and Outcome Guide for AVS 244 Effective Fall 2015

Course Number:
AVS 244
Course Title:
Airplane CFII Ground/Flight
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Course Description

Covers subject areas for an Instrument Airplane rating on a Flight Instructor certificate. Presents sufficient information to prepare for the Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument knowledge test. Includes preparation to obtain the aeronautical skill and knowledge necessary to apply for the FAA Flight Instructor - Instrument practical test. Flight training fees apply and cover a specific amount of training; please see the Course Curriculum and Outcome Guide for detailed information. Co-requisite: AVS 207. Prerequisites: AVS 243. Corequisites: AVS 207.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Fly and teach required instrument procedures to FAA Practical Test Standards from the right (instructor) seat.
  2. Qualify to apply for and take the FAA Flight Instructor Instrument practical test.
  3. Provide safe, high-quality flight instruction to students seeking FAA Pilot Instrument Certificates or seeking instrument proficiency training.

Course Activities and Design

This course will consist of the scenarios and lessons contained in the CFI Instrument Instructor syllabus necessary to qualify for the Instrument Instructor practical test.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

At the Beginning of the course, the instructor will detail the methods used to evaluate and record student progress and the criteria for assigning a course
grade. Evaluation methods will include written, oral, and practical testing. Learner-centered grading will be used by the student€™s individual Flight Instructor on each lesson. The student will also be assessed by a senior Flight Instructor at the end of the course. The instructor will immediately grade the end-of-course check, and if necessary, have students complete a review and retake of the exam, until a minimum score of 70% is achieved. Evaluation levels will target those defined by the FAA Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards, and required under 14CFR 141, FAA Approved Training Course.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The following areas will be presented in training scenarios that represent real-life commercial and instrument flying situations:

  1. Applicable Federal Aviation Regulations for IFR flight operations;
  2. Appropriate information in the "Aeronautical Information Manual";
  3. Air traffic control system and procedures for instrument flight operations;
  4. IFR navigation and approaches by use of navigation systems;
  5. Use of IFR en route and instrument approach procedure charts;
  6. Procurement and use of aviation weather reports and forecasts, and the elements of forecasting weather trends on the basis of that information and personal observation of weather conditions;
  7. Safe and efficient operation of aircraft under instrument flight rules and conditions;
  8. Recognition of critical weather situations and wind shear avoidance;
  9. Aeronautical decision making and judgment; and
  10. Crew resource management, to include crew communication and coordination.