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ART 279A
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Experimental Media
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Course Description

Begins ways of seeing and creating work that acknowledges personal artistic intentions. Examines various 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D media and processes used to develop and encourage creative problem solving. Establishes critical skills necessary to evaluate art through critiques, discussions, and artistic presentation. Investigates artistic intent, aesthetic and structural solutions, and perceptual awareness. Recommended: an introduction to art, art history or a sense of curiosity and a willingness to experiment. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

1.The course carries 3 credits and meets for 6 hours/week.2.Art 279 fulfills Arts and Letters requirements for Gen. Ed., block transfer and PCC graduation or for elective credit.3.A minimum of 3 hours of homework per week in the form of private exploration of the concepts and processes introduced in class will be required.

Intended Outcomes for the course

? Adapt introductory level understanding of ideas, materials, and techniques associated with the nature of experimental media beyond traditional media.? Use a basic vocabulary of art that actively participates with others in critical dialogue about 2-D, 3-D and 4-D experimental media and processes.? Interpret and enjoy experimental art from the past, present and from different cultures to understand diverse perspectives of the human experience.? Apply the experience of using experimental art to heightened awareness of the needs of our physical world, the nature of human relationships and our impact on an ever changing world.? Identify self-critiquing skills for autonomous artistic expression through experimental media and processes while recognizing the standards already established in the art world.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment is based upon demonstrated conceptual understanding, quality and progress of work, participation in class and critiques, and attendance.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Skills, Issues, Concepts: 1.1 Experience the connection between eye and hand. 1.2 Become familiar with the relationship between process and product. 1.3 Observe experimental media in contemporary and historical contexts to discover options and possibilities. 1.4 Become sensitive to the way art helps us understand the world and ourselves. 1.5 Develop individual vision, process and understanding through technical, analytical and intuitive methods of art making. 1.6 Create a meaningful body of work. 2.0 Processes Skills, Concepts, Issues: 2.1 Experience the connection between sight and other senses to understand subject matter. 2.2 Examine aspects of the conceptual process such as experiencing visualizing, symbolizing, playing, and imagining. 2.3 Observe ways to express visual experience through utilizing a wide variety of materials and fabrication techniques. 2.4 Relate the above to how a work of art creates meaning. 2.5 Facilitate expansion of possible artistic solutions. 2.6 Develop skills in formulating an artistic voice. 3.0 Techniques And Materials Skills, Issues, Concepts: 3.1 Apply the formal elements of art: line, value, texture, shape, volume/mass, composition, spatial illusion and color. 3.2 Introduce and develop various media and materials for visual translation of ideas. 3.3 Observe differences in diverse materials and discuss their effects on the communication of an idea. 3.4 Experience the relationship of two-dimensional vs. three-dimensional concerns. 4.0 Critiquing Artwork. Skills, Issues, Concepts: 4.1 Examine compositional devices. 4.2 Demonstrate the difference between pictorial space and actual space. 4.3 Discover an individual way of understanding the world and giving it form through art making. 4.4 Examine the different applications of experimental media for personal expression. 4.5 Apply knowledge of materials and techniques toward understanding works of art. 4.6 Develop awareness of contemporary and historical approaches to art making.