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ART 197
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Artist's Skills/Practical Issues
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Course Description

Professional practices relevant to emerging artists' careers. Workshop/lecture format includes resume and portfolio preparation, developing resources and community, gaining exposure and representation for artwork, creating publicity, basic marketing and exhibition strategies, presenting and installing art work, business concerns, art market dynamics, art collecting. Field trips to local galleries and/or guest lectures. Practical experience gained in PCC gallery, through internships, and/or through Service Learning Projects. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Define their artistic community and seek, develop, and apply its professional resources and connections to their professional artistic practice.

2. Create, critically evaluate, and appreciate professional context(s) for accessing and/or viewing artwork.

3. Develop, assess, and apply educational, business, legal and financial aspects of an art career.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Students will:

  • Participate in studio work sessions, field trips, class discussions, presentations, and critiques.
  • Develop personal and/or professional mission statement.
  • Compose professional artist resume.
  • Compose professional artist's statement.
  • Create and present (visual) document/portfolio of artwork with slides, PowerPoint presentation, web site, video, show or alternative methods.
  • Compile, organize, assess and employ ongoing records of professional artist resources, skills, community, and business.
  • Define, apply and document 10-20 hours of practical, art-related skills in the community through a Service Learning project, by developing and installing Portland Community College gallery show(s), through internships in an arts related field or through personally defined projects.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Recommended text: The Practical Handbook for the Emerging Artist
Margaret R. Lazzari, Harcourt Brace

Define and communicate conceptual overview of personal artwork through written concept and/or artist statement.

Examine and create connections and work opportunities in the arts community; distinguishing between arts organizations that may include commercial, educational, non-profit, cooperative and artist-run galleries, museums, contemporary art institutes public arts organizations, artist colonies and residencies. Approaches may include service learning, interviews in the field and internships.

Examine and distinguish contemporary art world and art collecting practices.

Demonstrate understanding of artwork documentation and portfolio development that may include:
Þ Application of increasing technical skill in photographic documentation using a 35 mm camera, color transparencies, black & white and color prints, a digital camera, video camera, or alternative means.
Þ Developing a visual portfolio with slides employing slide masking, labeling and listing, web page design, video and/or alternative means.
Þ Writing and maintaining an artist's resume.

Develop and practice skills in artwork exhibition that may include:

  • Researching and applying to exhibition opportunities.
  • Writing and maintaining an artist's press packet.
  • Creating an exhibition calendar.
  • Developing mailing lists.
  • Practicing increasing technical skills in installing an exhibition which may include carpentry skills and lighting, handling, matting, framing, hanging, labeling, packing and shipping artwork.
  • Creating a performance.
  • Curating an exhibition.
  • Creating publicity using methods such as flyers, postcard announcements, print media listings, posters and developing public and/or commercial radio and television coverage.
  • Analyzing and applying basic marketing strategies.

Recognize and apply current artist financial and business concerns and practices. Issues may include establishing workspace, health and safety, sound record keeping, taxes, insurance, copyright, working freelance, contracts, and consignments.

Discuss and develop strategies for continuing an art practice that may include:

  • Continuing education
  • Teaching
  • Learning a trade or skill
  • Working in the art world
  • Doing public art
  • Working freelance or on commission

Compose and deliver visual and oral presentation of personal artwork.