Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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ABE 0784
Course Title:
Fundamentals of Writing
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Course Description

Covers basic communication skills, language mechanics, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraph and short essay development. Prerequisites: Reading placement at CASAS 215 or higher; COMPASS score of 27 or lower; listening and speaking skills in English at SPL 5 or higher.

Intended Outcomes for the course

In personal, family, employment, and community settings the student will:
- Use writing as a communication tool
- Employ correct grammar and punctuation
- Develop paragraphs that have appropriate topic sentences, transitions, and supporting details
- Practice critical thinking in response to a prompt
- Apply a working writing process with clear regard for the stages of invention, support/organization, drafting, and revision
- Demonstrate successful college behaviors: communication, participation, responsibility, organization, and time management
- Plan for employment and life skills development
- Use the computer for basic word processing and internet activities
- Be prepared to perform successfully in Writing 80 or above

Outcome Assessment Strategies

- A writing process journal
- Group-work: students respond to class readings and participate in peer editing
- Complete a computer-based assignment
- Write a letter or an essay
- Take COMPASS or ASSET test if college-bound and place at least into WR80
- Write a 'next steps' transition plan

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes: Family member, citizen, worker, and lifelong learner;
goal setting; critical thinking; decision making; confidence building; collaborative team work
Concepts: time management (attendance and completing tasks), social skills (communication and intercultural competency), employability, learning strategies, computer literacy
Issues: Access to resources for student success, overcoming barriers, learning differences, communication skills, test and school anxiety
Spelling and vocabulary
Capitalization rules
Punctuation rules
Grammar and usage rules
Sentence structure
Composition skills
Technology - using MyPCC for registration and email, word