Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Course Number:
ABE 0783
Course Title:
Fundamentals of Reading
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Course Description

Enables students to advance in purposeful reading by developing strategies that increase vocabulary understanding, improve fluency, strengthen comprehension and integrate prior knowledge. Prerequisites: Reading placement at CASAS 215 or higher, COMPASS reading score of 48 or lower, listening and speaking skills in English at SPL 5 or higher.

Intended Outcomes for the course

In personal, family, employment and community settings, the
student will:
- Apply improved communication skills (reading, listening,
- Solve problems and make decisions using multiple and
effective strategies
- Access information through a variety of resources
- Continue life-long learning by participating in educational
opportunities when possible
- Use the computer for basic word processing, computer-based
learning programs and web-based activities

Outcome Assessment Strategies

- Complete assignments by following level-appropriate oral and
written instructions
- Participate and interact within a group setting
- Pass standardized adult reading tests at CASAS 245 or above,
or COMPASS reading score of 66 or better
- Complete a computer-based assignment
- Choose and complete a book for independent reading

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes: Family member, citizen, worker, and lifelong learner:
Goal setting, critical thinking, decision-making, confidence
building, and collaborative teamwork.
Concepts: Learning strategies, time management (attendance
and completing tasks), social skills (communication and
intercultural competency), employability, computer literacy
Issues: Barriers to student success, access to resources,
communication skills, learning differences, test and school
- Develop strategies for integrating reading into daily life
- Develop an appreciation for different types of reading and
integrate them into daily living
- Develop reading strategies to improve performance in word
recognition, vocabulary building, comprehension, speed and
fluency, reading for specific purposes, and analyzing and
applying information and ideas gained from reading
- Develop competency in understanding information presented