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Emergency Dispatch Services

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ETC 103   Introduction to Emergency Telecommunications
Credits: 4.00
Description: Introduces the concept of telecommunications 911 dispatching, including roles, responsibilities and basic job duties. Audit available.
ETC 104   Emergency Telecommunications - Call Taking
Credits: 4.00
Description: Utilizes the NAED course to prepare for qualification of the nationally recognized National Academies of Emergency Dispatch, Basic Telecommunicator Certificate. Prerequisite: ETC 103. Audit available.
ETC 105   Crisis Intervention & Critical Incident Stress Management
Credits: 3.00
Description: Explores the unique stressors experienced by emergency services responders. Examines the Critical Incident Stress Management model and provides an opportunity for a mock debriefing session. Audit available.
ETC 106   Introduction to Law for Tele-Communicators
Credits: 3.00
Description: Introduces legal concepts and theory as they apply to emergency telecommunications and public safety. Audit available.
ETC 108   Introduction to Computer Aided Dispatching
Credits: 2.00
Description: Develops keyboarding skills using Computer Aided Dispatching based upon information received through various media, but most often aurally. Includes a variety of audio recordings, dictation and role-play to record emergency response information in a computer program and with a variety of software applications, including Word, Excel, Criticall and Computer-Aided Dispatch. Required keyboarding speed of at least 25 wpm. Audit available.
ETC 110   Communication Center Operations - Basic Skills
Credits: 3.00
Description: Introduces the emergency communications simulator lab. Applies methods and theory in an interactive lab setting using radio, telephone, computers and recording equipment. Includes the use of emergency communications equipment and standard operating procedures to simulate actual emergency calls and situations. Audit available.
ETC 111   Communication Center Operations - Intermediate Skills
Credits: 3.00
Description: Builds on skills learned in ETC 110 to provide practical experience for industry related multitasking, problem solving and customer service in a diverse market. Includes the use of the simulation lab, multi-line phones and radios and the application of policies, procedures and protocols. Prerequisite: ETC 110. Audit available.
ETC 112   Communication Center Operations- Advanced Skills
Credits: 3.00
Description: Covers emergency call-taking and emergency services radio communication in the 9-1-1 simulation lab. Requires demonstrating a high level of multi- tasking ability, quick responses and rapid problem-solving skills, as well as a familiarity with 911 computer software and multifunction telephone systems. This is the third course in a three-course sequence. Prerequisite: ETC 111. Department Permission. Audit available.
ETC 124   Radio Communications Lab
Credits: 1.00
Description: Integrates practice of communication via two-way radio. Continues developing multi-tasking skills, accurate CAD documentation skills with information provided by field units and tracking field status over the radio. Prerequisites: ETC 110. Audit available.
ETC 125   Introduction to Fire Communications
Credits: 2.00
Description: Introduces fire call taking and dispatching. Includes the use of emergency communications equipment and the application of policies, procedures and protocols in the handling of fire related situations. Prerequisite: ETC 111.
ETC 201   Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS)
Credits: 1.00
Description: Introduces the State of Oregon Law Enforcement Data System, which provides computer databases for state and local law enforcement and the Criminal Justice Information System, interface with national computer systems. Completion of the LEDS Training Guide provides state certification at the Inquiry level. Students must complete a Criminal Background check and be free of any felony or drug related convictions. Prerequisite: ETC 103. Audit available.
ETC 202   Emergency Medical Dispatch Overview
Credits: 2.00
Description: Covers Emergency Medical Dispatching including emergency medical pre-arrival instructions to assist the average citizen in stabilizing and in some cases, treating a medical emergency prior to the arrival of trained medical personnel. Includes the delivery, over the telephone, of specific - physician approved - instructions for a variety of common medical emergencies. Prerequisite/Concurrent: EMS 120 or current 1st Aid/CPR certification. Audit available.
ETC 203   Tactical Dispatching for High Risk Incidents
Credits: 1.00
Description: Introduces the concept of Tactical Dispatching, which involves high risk/low frequency crimes and situations such as kidnappings, hostage situations, and suicidal or mentally unstable callers. Prerequisite ETC 104. Audit Available.
ETC 215   ES Capstone: Emergency Services Hiring Process
Credits: 3.00
Description: Covers the creation of a portfolio, documenting course work, activities, education and experience history. Includes the completion of a comprehensive personal history background. Provides discipline specific application process and disciple specific oral interview questions. Audit available. Department permission required.
ETC 280A   Cooperative Education: Emergency TeleCommunicator
Description: Students earn credit for learning from practical experience at a worksite related to being an Dispatcher/Call Taker. Appropriate work experiences provide opportunities to build and develop skills necessary to be a successful TeleCommunicator/Dispatcher. May be repeated up to 12 credits. Prerequisite: Completion of 8 ETC credit hours and 6 credits of lab hours.