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Graduates of the Skill Center receive a Principles of Technology Program Completion Award indicating that they are ready to enter the workforce, an apprenticeship program or progress to the next stage in their education. Below are the courses that you will take to earn this award.

Applied Communication

Students learn the fundamentals of written and oral communication skills so they can express their ideas clearly and refine their job-related communication skills. This will help prepare them for academic and professional demands. Students also learn to write clearly, specifically and concisely.

Applied Math A

Students learn workplace and trades technology, computational and analytic skills; develop skills in translating word problems into mathematical computations; use software applications to support technology and trades skill development.

Applied Math B

Students learn workplace computational and analytic skills; solve problems through hands-on activity and apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations in the workplace. Subjects include: ratios, proportions, statistics, graphs and charts, scientific notation, measurement and tolerance.

Principles of Technology

This class is oriented toward applied physics. Students who complete this course often seek a career in a more technical field. Subjects include: force, work and power; mechanical, fluid and thermal systems; energy, resistance and force; transfer and instrument reading.

Foundation Skills

Students learn to develop and strengthen reading and writing skills. They apply computer skills to perform assignments. Foundation skills will assist them in goal setting and career exploration.

Computer Literacy

For students who are not yet comfortable and competent around computers. Students learn the basics of keyboarding, e-mail, office applications, Internet usage, file management and how to decode the common acronyms. Students who complete this class will be ready to advance to Intro to Computer Applications.

Intro to Computer Applications

Students learn the computer technology and software skills so they can be successful in a business environment and in their daily lives. Subjects include: Basic technology concepts, Microsoft Office, computer terminology, keyboarding, Internet navigation, word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and database software.

Employment Exploration

Students learn to explore employment opportunities and learn critical job search skills. Subjects include: Career goal setting strategies; face to face and online job search; completing applications; resume and cover letter development; network techniques and interviewing practice.

Industrial Orientation

Students learn a broad range of skills for different industries. They also study workplace habits, basic skills, team work and industry processes and procedures in an applied/lab environment. The course touches on careers in: construction, carpentry, electrical work & HVAC facilities maintenance.

Thought Patterns for Successful Careers

Learn proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional and personal success.