Pathways: VESL Office Skills

The purpose of this 14-week long training is to introduce non-native English speakers to employment opportunities in office and customer service entry-level jobs. This higher-level training will focus on entry-level clerical and administrative jobs in health care, business, education, insurance, social services and the public sector where there is a growing need for bilingual customer service. Participants will need to have strong language skills in English as well as in their native language.

Students will gain proficiency with Microsoft Office (Windows, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) and the Internet. They will also focus on the necessary clerical and communications skills, office procedures and equipment necessary for working in a American office environment. Students will regularly practice improving business correspondence, keyboarding and 10-key skills.

All students will participate in internships in local office settings to get the necessary experience and practice to apply to their classroom learning. A regular portion of the class will focus on job and career planning techniques to prepare them for the competitive job market. Ultimately, students will be matched with employment based on their skill level, language level and career interests.

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  • ESL Vocational Office Skills is listed on the State of Oregon Eligible Training Provider list.
  • This non-credit course is approved as a State of Oregon Occupational Preparatory course.
  • The training includes classroom instruction, internships, job search and placement services.

Cost of Training: Office Skills Cost Sheet FY 08-09

Totals for Tuition and Books: 
DWP and One Stop participants in Multnomah and Washington Counties  $2,250
All other students  $2,255

Classroom: 15 hours per week

  • MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet
  • Office procedures and equipment
  • Keyboarding and 10-key skills
  • American office culture
  • Customer Service
  • Use of office equipment, including telephone, computers and printer/copier and FAX machine
  • Review of basic math and money skills
  • Career Planning:
    • Job applications
    • Resumes
    • Cover letters
    • Interview practice
    • Videotaped mock interviews

Internship: 8-12 hours per week

  • Unpaid work experience
  • Various work environments:
    • Business
    • Health Care
    • Education
    • Social Service
    • Public Sector

Job Search: 6 hours per week

  • Job search strategies and techniques
  • Individualized one-on-one assistance in job search
  • Customized cover letters and resumes for each position

What should I do next to get into the training?

  • For information on upcoming trainings or for other program information, contact Sara Nelson Treadway, Education Coordinator, 971-722-6284

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