Internship FAQ

Internships are a huge value for students and employers...

Why should I host an intern from Career Pathways?

    • You will be giving a student an opportunity to develop new skills or get work experience in a field in which they hope to find employment.

What are the benefits of hosting an intern?

    • Free labor!
    • Getting the opportunity to host an (unpaid) intern increases the potential hiring pool for employers after the terms of the internship.

What type of liability coverage do the students have?

    • Student interns are all covered under PCC Workman’s Compensation insurance while they are enrolled in class and participating in an internship.
    • Additional Liability coverage is available for students in medical profession internships.

What are the expectations of the student at the Internship?

    • Students are expected to treat the internship LIKE A JOB, which means:
          • Adhere to the designated schedule;
      • Dress appropriately;
      • Be respectful of the employer, co-workers, customers, etc.
      • Stay on task with assignments and demonstrate accountability
    • Students are expected to fulfill the agreed time frame for the duration of the internship.
    • Students are expected to notify their internship if they need to change a shift, or if they will be late – like any regular employee.

What is expected of an employer that is hosting an intern?

    • We ask employers to offer students a real-work experience where they would get similar training to an entry level employee who is just getting started; training and tasks appropriate for the position they are in.
    • We ask employers to offer constructive and honest feedback to students if issues arise (Program Staff is always available to support you with any concerns).
    • We ask employers to provide all the necessary equipment to perform the tasks associated the position they are fulfilling.
    • Treat the intern like an employee and give them tasks and allow them access to equipment, information and whatever they will need to succeed in the assigned position.
    • We ask employers to complete a Site Supervisor Review and go over it with the student at the end of the internship.

With all these great benefits for employers – what do students get out of an internship?

  • Relevant,recent work experience in their area of interest.
  • A reference and networking opportunity from a local employer.