Toni Hibler - Accounting/Bookkeeping

Toni HiblerToni Hibler had worked for the airlines for 14 years.

She was motivated and hardworking and because of those qualities, she was promoted several times during her years there. Then, after 9/11 and the ensuing issues most of the airlines suffered, Toni was laid off.

Losing her job resulted in her loss of income, but also was a major hit on her self-esteem. With a home and family, she had bills that still needed to get paid, but no new job in sight. After some research and contact with the local one-stop program, Toni discovered that she could get retrained using funds administered by the Dislocated Workers Project.

As she thought about past work and the skills she liked to use the most and seemed best at, Toni found herself drawn to the accounting/bookkeeping field. Her career specialist told her about a short term training offered through the Career Pathways Program. Toni enrolled and started her training in March of 2005. She worked hard and earned excellent grades in her first term while also developing her job search tools so she would be ready, after completing her training, to find work.

During her second term, she began sending out applications just to test the waters. After posting her resume online, she was called for a job interview with a local company called Sun Supply. Toni went to the interview, wowed them¨, and was offered a job as a Sales Representative.

However, after all of her hard work to earn a credential in Accounting/Bookkeeping, she didn't want to do sales. She contacted them and thanked them for the offer, but explained that she wasn't interested in sales and felt the need to keep looking for something related to her current education. The owner of Sun Supply was so impressed with her that she offered her a full time position doing accounts payable. Toni accepted this position and still works there today. She has completed her 1 year certificate in Accounting and is on track to earn her Associates Degree in December of this year.