Nedra Lindell - Accounting/Bookkeeping

images/nedra-lindell.jpgNedra Lindell is on a roll! In the last 16 months she has:

  • Obtained her GED
  • Completed a Career Pathway training in accounting
  • Received two Employment Skills Training Certificates in Accounting
  • Found a job she loves at Northwest Community Management Company.

Upon reflecting Nedra says, "I tell everybody it’s great… I am making twice as much as I was before I got my GED and Career Pathways and everything. And I’ve been wanting to do accounting since I was probably 23 but I had to raise two kids and I had a husband I mostly supported…"

Nedra’s achievement has come as a result of her hard work and the support of a variety of workforce development programs and educators. As Nedra became involved with the Housing Authority of Portland’s GOALS program she found assistance with housing and support in completing her GED. Then she worked with Workforce Connections, a Mt Hood Community College One-stop Career Center, to enroll in the Career Pathways Accounting/Bookkeeping training.

When asked about her journey Nedra is quick to credit the people and programs that collaborated to support her goals. In speaking about the part Career Pathways has played in her success she says, "For me, personally, it was like a break through. Because I know I needed those skills in order to, to come into this workforce that’s more advanced, more professional. It was interesting, when I was going through the Career Planning class…for the first time I realized that I could actually kind of choose what job I might want to take…instead of always the kind of job that would…just to be survival."

As Nedra focused on her job search she found her current position with Northwest Community Management Company through the Oregon Employment Department web page. She has been with the company for 9 months and loves it, "When I got this job I was so excited because within the first two weeks it felt like home... the people are so good here."

As for her future plans Nedra wants to continue her education and grow with Northwest Community Management, "There is so much to learn... it’s really exciting… I still want to go on to get the two-year degree. When I talked to an adviser at PCC Southeast Campus he said, ‘well after you do that you might just want to go ahead and go on to get the transfer credits and go to the university."