Manayesh Zewdu - VESL Direct Care Worker

Manayesh ZewduManayesh is a true success. Manayesh began the VESL Career Pathways Direct Care Worker training only 4 months after moving the United States. 

She demonstrated a strong diligence and interest in learning and building a successful career. She interned at Irvington Village Adult Living Facility and immediately was noticed for her care and patience with the residents of Irvington Village.  Comments made by staff and residents about Manayesh included “She is a keeper!”  She completed the challenging task of a 20 hour per week training, a 12 hour a week internship and adjusting to living in a new country with grace.

She was hired immediately after the training and is loved by the residents. She really enjoys the work and shows amazing capacity to learn and grow.  In the middle of July 2007, after only working for about 3 months was given an award for excellence on the job.  She continues to impress her peers, supervisors and residents.

Manayesh is truly a success.