Lilya Yevseyeva - VESL Health Care

Lilya YevseyevaLilya Yevseyeva moved to the United States about 5 years ago. Since that time she always looked for a way to better herself. She started working as a janitor in September of 2002 – only 7 months after moving to the US.

Lilya always saw a better future. She was trained as a Dental Nurse in Russia and had a career – moving to the United States she knew that it would be a while before she could move back into her vocation. She entered the Vocational ESL Health Care Training – intending to reenter the Health Care field with an entry level job.  Lilya always demonstrated the ability to communicate well with her classmates and strong technical skills as well. She applied early on to a local Social Service agency which operates a program to English and Russian speaking women to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and prevention and testing options. 

Speaking to Lilya you can see the level of pride she has in the work that she is doing. A cancer survivor from the program interviewed with the news and brought additional awareness to the hard work that it takes to run a program. Lilya also said that she has wonderful volunteers that assist with the operation and outreach of the Breast Health Awareness. Lilya feels that what she learned in the Vocational ESL program has allowed her to get a closer connection with her background in health care and her future plans to better herself.