Irina Agarycheva - VESL Office Skills

Irina Agarycheva

Irina Agarycheva immigrated to the United States over 14 years ago.

Before she moved to the United States she was a Professional Volleyball player and taught young children about physical fitness.  She is a natural leader and commands the attention of people naturally. Since moving to the United States she worked at a Boot Factory as a shoemaker. She rose in the ranks and became the Union Steward and represented her fellow workers well.  When she lost that job she knew that she wanted to improve her skills and move out of production work into something more professional.

Irina enrolled in the Vocational ESL Office Skills Training to improve her skills and chances of getting hired in a professional workplace. She interned with a local College in the Athletic department as a program aide and enjoyed the freedom and skills she developed. Even with all the support of program staff and high regards from her internship site Irina had a hard time seeing herself in a professional workplace or passing an interview. She had not interviewed in over 13 years! 

After her first few interviews she began to see what all the staff and her classmates saw in her. She shortly got a full time position advocating for victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault at a local social service agency. She impressed them with her confidence and ability to communicate with others and have people comfortable around her. 

Irina is making a new life for herself and serving an important role in the community by advocating for people who have suffered, and will help to make a difference as she continues to develop her own skills.