Ed Palumbo - Pharmacy Technician

Ed Palumbo

"If you've reached a decision to change career directions or simply recognize the necessity to survive in a changing job market, I recommend Career Pathways," states Ed Palumbo, a recent alumni of the Pharmacy Technician program.

His choice to become a pharmacy technician was based on the fact that, in general, health care is projected to remain a stable professional environment until the "baby-boomer" generation retires.

For Ed, becoming a pharmacy technician was a reasonable and attainable goal. "I enjoyed the course, which covers an impressive amount of material in a relatively short period of time. The curriculum will more than adequately prepare you for the national certification test, and the assistance to prepare for interviews and job search were realistic and helpful."

"One of the most beneficial tools," in Ed's opinion, "was the videotaped interview, which allows us to see ourselves as an interviewer sees us." He also understands that when employed, the learning process will continue. Often the pharmacy computer systems are not always intuitive, and dealing with the public as a technician has its challenging moments. All of this requires tenacity, flexibility and patience.

"For me, it was a fresh start in a new direction; the beginning of a journey at a time when many of my peers are retiring or mired in a job search. I recommend Career Pathways without hesitation, but your success during and after the training is entirely in your hands."