Chris Palmer - Computer Technology Support Specialist

Chris Palme45Chris Palmer spent fifteen years in the automotive parts and service industry while knowing that his dream was to eventually pursue a career in the computer field.

Throughout the years, various circumstances kept him from pursuing his dream, but in February 2007 the large automotive parts facility he worked at closed. Without any immediate career opportunities, he decided to use this chance to follow his long-time goal of working in the economically-viable computer field. With the help of his Career Specialist at the PCC CAPITAL Center, he entered into the PCC Career Pathways Computer Tech Support training in the Spring of 2007.

While enrolled in the training through the Computer Education Program at PCC, Chris dedicated himself to building his job-readiness skills and preparing to get the CompTIA A+ and MCDST certifications. At the conclusion of the training, Chris successfully passed his certification exams and landed a position as a Help Desk Technician with a large non-profit organization. In this job, he started at $14 per hour with full benefits and 401k options.

After six months, Chris continues to receive stellar reviews from his employers and says that he loves working in a career in which he is able to learn new things everyday. Chris’ current position also allows him some additional free time to study, so this spring he is enrolled full-time in college courses to fulfill his degree in Computer Information Systems. While he knows that he will be incredibly busy, he is having such success in school he has been inspired to continue. He says, “I couldn’t be happier... I thank you for the classes and support you all have given me.” In fact, Chris found such success in his Career Pathways training, he tells us he is encouraging his wife to participate as well.