Alan Avery - Computer Technology Support Specialist

“My life has been irrevocably changed for the better. It’s like the opposite of stepping off of a cliff. I have been abruptly propelled skyward.”

Alan AveryThis life-changing feeling was inspired in Alan Avery, a student who completed PCC’s Career Pathways Computer Tech Support Specialist training in the Summer/Fall of 2007. Coming into the program with a broad base of computer skills, Alan had been working as a technical consultant for nine years but found it difficult to make more than $10 per hour in this competitive field. In order to move forward, Alan felt that additional technical certifications and assistance with career planning skills would give him the necessary tools to advance in the field.

With funding support from PCC CAPITAL Career Center’s Adult Program, Alan was able to enroll in the Computer Tech Support Specialist training through PCC’s Computer Education Program and take courses that provided valuable job-readiness skills and computer certification training. Within months of beginning the training, Alan received his CompTIA A+, MCP and MCDST certifications. These valuable certifications, in conjunction with the Career Planning aspect of the training, allowed Alan to increase his hirability exponentially.

After a job search characterized by determination and a strong desire to work in the Computer Support field, Alan accepted a position as a Senior Support Technician with a multi-national software security company. Now, Alan is not only making double his previous hourly rate, he is working in an environment that encourages constant creativity, analysis and independent thinking as well as provides future international travel opportunities.

Alan says that in his new position, “we were hired not just for what we know, but for what we are capable of learning.” He continues, “My current situation is a direct result of the training I received through the Career Pathways program. My success began with school, and has gained momentum ever sinceā€¦.”