Zuriash Kere - VESL Food Service

Lilya YevseyevaZuriash began the VESL Food Service training only about 6 months after coming to the United States. She worked diligently in the class to improve her communication and work skills.

She had a limited job experience from her home country, but demonstrated amazing work ethic and wiliness to work. She completed the program at about 8 months pregnant – including an internship 3-4 days per week at the Portland Community College food service department at the Cascade Campus.

She returned to complete the job search component of the training after taking a standard maternity leave. She was quickly hired at IKEA and works in the salad and cold-prep area of the main restaurant. She was featured in the IKEA staff highlights magazine and continues to impress them and contribute her enthusiasm and talent.  IKEA has a highly diverse staff and very low turnover and Zuriash really enjoys working there.