Stephanie Reichenbach - Pharmacy Technician

Stephanie Reichenbach

"I was laid off by my employer in December 2008 and decided to try a new career direction. I have always been interested in chemistry and medicine so I looked into a pharmacy career and found that PCC had a 3 month Pharmacy Technician program. I was accepted into the program, applied for aid through WorkSource, and found Career Pathways. The Career Planning class offered by Career Pathways was very helpful. It combined what I was learning in the pharmacy program with the knowledge and experience I already had, and helped me turn them into successful pre-employment skills. These skills included informational interviews, resume writing, employment applications and formal interview skills. There was feedback from the instructor and classmates along the way to help me improve in all areas.

The Pharmacy Technician instructor had mentioned nuclear pharmacy as a possible option for employment, and I became very interested in what was involved in nuclear medicine. I did some research and found a couple of nuclear pharmacies in the area. I called about an informational interview with Cardinal Health. I had a tour of the facility and asked many questions. The manager started asking me questions about my experience and we had a great conversation. I finally asked about an internship, and he instead suggested that I apply for a newly-opened technician position. That day I updated my resume and sent it in, and a few days later the manager called me in for a formal interview.  I was offered the position, and began my career in the healthcare field.

Thanks to the Career Pathways course, I now have a successful career that I enjoy and skills that I will continue to use. It has given me the confidence to achieve any goal I set for myself.”