Noor Boulos - VESL Healthcare


Noor Boulos is a shining example of a student with a clear goal, fierce determination, and realistic flexibility. Turmoil in her home country of Iraq led Noor and her family to Syria, where she used her education in medical laboratory technology to work as a Lab Technician for three years. Upon arriving in the U.S., Noor discovered that despite her strong experience, she was not qualified to work at the same level that she used to. Never one to dwell on her challenges, Noor enrolled in college, planning to achieve the education necessary to return to her field.

In addition to general education classes at PCC, Noor took the VESL Healthcare course. She completed an internship at The Portland Clinic, where her existing skills and great attitude made her well-liked. Noor explained that the greatest challenge was simply learning the English names for things she already knew in Arabic. She also enjoyed becoming familiar with some of the more modern equipment that she had not had access to in Syria.

After completing her Healthcare course, Noor found a job as a Specimen Processor at Women’s Healthcare Associates. She continues to take classes at PCC as well, showing her determination to meet her long-term goals. Noor considers Career Pathways to be one of the best things that has happened to her since she’s been in the U.S.

Noor Boulos