Lilia Bush-Ohearn - VELAC

Lilia Bush-Ohearn is proof of that it doesn’t have to take several years of studying English before a non-native English speaker can succeed in college classes. Lilia had a degree in Accounting from her native Russia, and several years’ experience in management, but found it difficult to find an Accounting job in the US.

When Lilia heard about the PCC Career Pathways Vocational ESL Entry-Level Accounting Clerk (VELAC) program, she knew it was right for her.

Lilia loved getting back into accounting, though the classes were challenging. To make sure that Lilia and her classmates would be successful in these very rigorous courses, they were enrolled in a support course taught by an ESOL instructor.

Through her hard work and with the support of Career Pathways, Lilia not only earned her Entry-Level Accounting Clerk Certificate, she also developed a plan to continue her education and become even more competitive in the job market.
Today, Lilia is working toward a one-year certificate in Accounting and bolstering her experience working in the Financial Aid office at PCC Sylvania Campus. She believes that Career Pathways was key to her success.

Lilia Bush-Ohearn