Fidel Mini - Computer Applications for Speakers of Other Languages (CASOL)

Fidel Mini

Fidel has been in the United States for almost 8 years. He was a jack of many trades in Peru where he comes from. He completed a large number of certificates and credentials, but was not able to translate all his skills into a profession for the first few years.  Fidel has a natural charm which makes people comfortable and brings people in. This helps him with his position with WorkSource Oregon – Forest Grove when he helps customers who are stressed out, he has a way to make people feel comfortable and valued.  He told Career Pathways staff the story of when he decided to make his life change by improving his English. He had been in the US for a while, when he wanted to buy an ice cream cone. He consulted with his brother on how to ask for a cone and said correctly “I would like an ice cream please” and when the counter clerk asked him “What flavor” and he could not answer, he walked out and committed to taking English classes in the community and went 6 or 7 days a week until he could communicate better.  When he came to Career Pathways he could not keyboard or use the computer with any confidence.  He wanted to upgrade his skills and advance into a more professional position.  He learned of the Computer Applications for Speakers of Other Languages (CASOL) program through WorkSource and received assistance to participate in classes and has been a success in gaining employment with Portland Community College – WorkSource where he did his internship.  Now he helps others with their resumes, job searching, keeping the office organized and interpreting for Spanish speakers and fielding the front entrance in Forest Grove.