Profiles of Success

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Learn more about Career Pathways through the stories of our alumni.

Noor BoulosNoor Boulos - VESL Healthcare
Noor set her sights upon a career in a medical laboratory, and took her first steps into the field through a Career Pathways class and internship.
Fidel MiniLilia Bush-Ohearn - VESL Entry-Level Accounting Clerk (VELAC)
Lilia used a short-term accounting program as a jumpstart back into her field in the US.
Fidel MiniFidel Miní - Computer Applications for Speakers of Other Languages (CASOL)
Fidel moved beyond language barriers to develop computer and customer service skills, which he now uses to assist job seekers.
Stephanie ReichenbachStephanie Reichenbach - Pharmacy Technician
Stephanie followed her dream of working in the healthcare field and sought out PCC's Pharmacy Technician program.
Gilberto MuñozGilberto Muñoz - VESL Healthcare
Despite coming to PCC in need of a GED, Gilberto turned his love of people and strong skills as a role model into a career in healthcare and social services.


Laurita CastroLaurita Castro - Administrative Support Specialist
Laurita decided to go back to school to gain competitive skills in the job market. She found not only a job, but a love for continuing education.


Nawal EiwazNawal Eiwaz - VESL Food Service
Though Nawal had only been living in the U.S. for five months, she decided to improve her chances of finding a job by enrolling in the Food Service training.
Lulit HaileLulit Haile - VESL Healthcare
Lulit used the Healthcare training as a launching pad to achieve the healthcare career she had been hoping for.
Anna Doan ThumbnailAnna Doan - VESL Office Skills
Anna built a career in the clerical field by attending the Office Skills training.
Inna Lutsik ThumbnailInna Lutsik - VESL Healthcare
Inna's hard work in Healthcare class and internship paid off when she was hired as a Reprocessing Technician.
Zuriash KereZuriash Kere - VESL Food Service
Zuriash developed new skills in the Food Service training and continues to demonstrate her talents at the IKEA restaurant.
Jenny Tsang at Providence St. VincentJenny Tsang - VESL Healthcare
Jenny gained confidence and experience in the Healthcare training, enabling her to get a job in the Sterile Processing field.
Manayesh ZewduManayesh Zewdu - VESL Direct Care Worker
Manayesh is off to a good start with a solid career track in the caregiving field working at an Assisted Living Facility.
Chris PalmerChris Palmer - Computer Technology Support Specialist
A layoff gave Chris the change to pursue a career in computer support, something he had thought about for some time.
Irina Agarycheva FaceIrina Agarycheva - VESL Office Skills
Irina's strong leadership skills and dedication during the Office Skills training allowed her to find success.
Alan Avery Alan Avery - Computer Technology Support Specialist
Alan used his training to change his life completely.
Lilya Yevseyeva FaceLilya Yevseyeva - VESL Healthcare
Lilya utilized her background in the Healthcare field from her home country and bilingual skills to help raise health awareness in the Russian community and beyond.
Miron GMiron Ghebremichael - VESL Food Service
Miron brought her strong work ethic and desire to build a strong future for herself by working and taking classes toward her long term goal.
Mersha Kefeyalhu Mersha Kefeyalhu - HVAC Installer
Mersha invested in herself and gained a solid career in the trades by attending the HVAC Installer training.
Nedra LindellNedra Lindell - Accounting/Bookkeeping
Nedra had been wanting to work in the accounting field for years, but she had a bit to do before she was ready.
James Erickson James Erickson - Computer Technology Support Specialist
James learned about the Computer Support Technician training through the Dislocated Workers Program.
Frances WinstonFrances Winston - Basic Coding for Medical Office
Frances already had some unique skills; she is tri-lingual, and had an on-call position, but was having difficulty finding stable employment.
Toni HiblerToni Hibler - Accounting/Bookkeeping
Toni discovered that she could get retrained using funds administered by the Dislocated Workers Project and found herself drawn to accounting and bookkeeping.
Ed PalumboEd Palumbo - Pharmacy Technician
Ed changed careers by attending the Pharmacy Technician training.