Pathways: Phlebotomy

This is a short-term intensive training. The curriculum includes skills, knowledge, and abilities that have been identified as critical for career entry-level positions as a phlebotomist in a health clinic or medical center.

Students are prepared to perform blood draws and to assist in performing routine clinical laboratory tests under the supervision of a pathologist, medical technologist or physician.

The course covers collecting, handling, transporting, and processing blood specimens for analysis. Students learn about laboratory information systems, anatomy and the physiology of body systems, as well as pathologic conditions, use and care of lab equipment and how to monitor quality control. The training combines on-campus instruction in fundamental principles with clinical experiences gained through rotation in clinical laboratories. Students enrolled in the phlebotomy training are required to use medical devices and follow safety precautions in a medical setting.

For start date, next steps and the application packet click here. Or contact Bem Huynh at or 971-722-6627 for more information on the Phlebotomy class and/or application process.

Location: CLIMB Center for Advancement (near OMSI)