Pathways: Phlebotomy

This is a short-term intensive training. The curriculum includes skills, knowledge, and abilities that have been identified as critical for career entry-level positions as a phlebotomist in a health clinic or medical center. Students complete the training in two terms.

Students are prepared to perform blood draws and to assist in performing routine clinical laboratory tests under the supervision of a pathologist, medical technologist or physician.

The course covers collecting, handling, transporting, and processing blood specimens for analysis. Students learn about laboratory information systems, anatomy and the physiology of body systems, as well as pathologic conditions, use and care of lab equipment and how to monitor quality control. The training combines on-campus instruction in fundamental principles with clinical experiences gained through rotation in clinical laboratories. Students enrolled in the phlebotomy training are required to use medical devices and follow safety precautions in a medical setting.

Start date for the next Phlebotomy Class is SpringTerm, March 31, 2014.


  • High School Diploma or GED (A College or University degree can be substituted for HS diploma or GED Cert.)
  • 18 years of age by class start date
  • Minimum COMPASS scores for: Math Pre-Algebra 50, Reading 82, and Writing 70 are required for ALL applicants. (Transcripts, College or University degree cannot be substituted for compass scores) For information on a free workshop to prepare to take the COMPASS exam call 971-722-6218
  • English as a Second Language: You must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently in order to successfully complete the program and obtain employment.  We recommend placement into Level 8 of PCC’s ESOL program (equivalent to placing into the ESOL 264 class) for success.  To schedule your COMPASS ESOL test, please contact a PCC Testing Center.
  • Copy of Proof of Vaccination History (evidence and date of immunization or Immunity) to include:
    • Hepatitis B Series within last ten years or titer result that shows immunity (Hep B is series of 3 shots/takes 6 months to complete
    • Tuberculosis Testing (PPD or X-ray for the current year)
    • Influenza Vaccine for current season
    • MMR with second dose Measles
    • Varicella with second (post childhood) titer or immunization
    • Tetanus within last ten years

Download complete course details and Application here.

Mail or deliver between January 27th to February 20th, 2014 a complete Application Packet [pdf]. (Applications submitted before January 27th, will not be accepted and will be returned.)  Interested students are encouraged to attend the Phlebotomy Free Informational Session is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd, 2014, 6pm at the CLIMB center. 

  • Training is on the State of Oregon Eligible Training Provider list (WIA).
  • This training is offered by the PCC CLIMB Center.
  • There is a required practicum during the second term of the training. Students must be available to participate according to the schedule set by the practicum site.
  • In the Portland metropolitan area, Phlebotomists earn about $11.00-$14.00 an hour to start. 
  • In Oregon there is no license to be a phlebotomist.  However, a national certification can be obtained after passing an exam through the American Society for Clinical Pathologists,  PCC's two-term Phlebotomy program meets the requirements for students to sit for this test. Holding an ASCP Phlebotomy Technician certificate may increase employability in the field.
  • Once accepted into the Phlebotomy Program, students wishing to attend as a Career Pathways student will participate in a Career Planning class three hours each week in addition to the first term of the Phlebotomy class. A cohort learning community is developed and an Employment Specialist supports Career Pathways students as they pursue employment in this field.

Click here for a complete list of required application materials, including required documentation and immunizations.

  • For information on a free workshop to prepare to take the COMPASS exam call 971-722-6218.

Course of Study

Course Number Course Name Credits
Term 1
CEU 949Y Phlebotomy non-credit

WFTT23 - Optional job search readiness class offered through PCC Career Pathways Program. Available to students accepte in the Phlebotomy class.


Career Planning: This OPTIONAL course is designed to build a learning community among students pursuing Career Pathways courses. Students will develop their skills as a student, and job seeker. A job search portfolio will be used as an organizational framework for the course as students learn to target their cover letters, resumes, interviewing and networking skills for their new field. non-credit
Term 2
  Practicum/Internship non-credit

What should I do next to get into the training?

  1. Contact Bem Huynh, Academic Professional at or by calling 971-722-6627 for more information on the Phlebotomy class and/or application process.
  2. Complete the PCC Phlebotomy Application. Mail or deliver between January 27th to February 20th, 2014 a COMPLETE application packet to CLIMB for Health Professionals.