Pathways: Corrections Technician

This short-term intensivepathway is designed for students pursuing entry-level work as a clerk or corrections officer in the criminal justice system. The target wage for this occupation in the Portland Metropolitan area is: $10-$12/hour (Source: Oregon's Labor Market Information System,

Students study a variety of topics associated with the criminal justice system. In addition to the coursework students are required to complete a supervised internship. This allows the student to apply classroom learning to a real life work situation. At the conclusion of the training students receive an award and are qualified for entry-level work in local correctional facilities and security organizations.

The next start date is Fall Term - September 22, 2014.

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Career Pathways students will also attend a weekly, 3-hour Career Planning course in addition to the Corrections Technician courses. In the Career Planning course students learn to hone their job search (resume writing, networking, interviewing, etc) and internship development skills and receive job search support until they find employment.

For more information on the next Corrections Technician Pathway and/or attending as a Career Pathways student, please contact Laurie Chadwick at 971-722-6233.


  • Career Pathways students participate in three hours a week of Career Planning during Term 1 and an internship during Term 2.
  • Courses taught by professionals in the field of criminal justice.
  • An Employment Specialist with Career Pathways supports students as they develop and internship site for the second term and pursue employment in the criminal justice field.
  • The courses for this training may be applicable to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice (speak with advisor).

Estimated Cost Of Training (including Career Planning class through Career Pathways):
Total: $3,726.85

Training Cost Sheet

Note: The figures above are based on the 2012/13 PCC fee structure. They are approximations and subject to change without notice.


  • Students must have a clean criminal history with no charge of felony or domestic violence.
  • Students must possess a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Complete a COMPASS exam at a PCC testing office with placement into: Writing 121, Reading 115 (score of 88 or higher), and Math 20.
  • Computer skills and keyboarding by touch.

Course of Study

Course Number Course Name Credits
CJA 100 Professions in Criminal Justice 3
CJA 113 Introduction to Criminal Justice System - Corrections 3
CJA 114 Intro to Juvenile Process 3
CJA 101 Diversity in Criminal Justice Professions 4
WFTT 23 (optional) Career Planning (optional class for students seeking internship development and job search assistance) non-credit
CJA 115 Introduction to Jail Operations 3
WR 121 English Composition 3
CAS 133 Basic Computer Skills/MS Office 4
CJA 263 Intro to Corrections Casework (Prerequisite: Successful completion of CJA 100 &CJA 113) 3
CJA 280A - (Internship)

Cooperative Education: Criminal Justice (Prerequisite: Successful completion of CJA 100 & CJA 113)

Total Credits 29

What should I do next to get into the training?

  1. Apply for Admission to the College.
  2. Take the college placement exam workshop (optional).
  3. Take the COMPASS placement exam. You can call one of the PCC testing centers for the exam schedules.
  4. Complete the PCC online student orientation.
  5. Contact Laurie Chadwick at 971-722-6233.