Career Pathways Roadmap Portfolio


What is a roadmap?

  • Roadmaps are user-friendly, visual representations of the interaction between educational programs, and labor market information that assist students with their career and educational decision-making.
  • Roadmaps are "jointly produced by educators, workforce development professionals, and employers, [and] show the connections between education and training programs and jobs at different levels within a given industry or occupational sector." (Jenkins, D., Career Pathways: Aligning Public Resources to Support Individual and Regional Economic Advancement in the Knowledge Economy, August 2006, Workforce Strategy Center)
  • Common elements of roadmaps include skill set breakdowns, labor market forecasts, occupational information and college courses associated with certificates, credentials and degrees leading to employment in the particular field.
  • "Being able to think in visual images reveals connections and relationships that are difficult to communicate through text...visual mapping is a tool we are all going to need in order to design and disseminate complex information about academic programs in the future." (Stiehl & Lewchuk, 2002)

PCC Career Pathways Roadmap Portfolio

Career and Technical Pathways

Academic Program

Certificate Title


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Entry-level Accounting Clerk




Bioscience Technology






Computer Applications/Office Systems

Basic Computer Literacy 13




Word Processing 26
Spreadsheet 27
Office Assistant 43
Web Assistant I 12
Web Assistant II 24
Computer Information Systems Database Design and SQL 12







Java Application Programming 24
VB.Net Application Programming 16
Oracle and SQL 12
Web Application Development 16
Network Admin.: Microsoft Server Administration 24
Network Admin.: Linux/Unix Server Network Security 28
Network Admin.: Windows Network Security 36
Network Admin.: Network Administration 16
Network Administration: Linux Server Administration 16

Criminal Justice

Corrections Technician



Renewable Energy Systems - EET Option

Renewable Energy

42 icon

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

44 icon

Facilities Maintenance Technology

HVAC/R Installer

14 icon
Fitness Technology Healthy Older Adult Fitness 25 icon
Gerontology Activity Assistant 24




Activity Director 36
Activity Consultant 21
Advanced Behavioral & Cog. Care 30
End of Life Care and Support 36
Gerontology 43
Horticultural Therapy 29
Machine Manufacturing Technology Manufacturing Technician 25.5 icon
Microelectronic Technology Solar Voltaic Mfg. Technology 14 icon
Retail Management Retail Sales and Service 13 icon
Vocational Training for Non-Native English Speakers

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