Easy Transfer

You can take anywhere from one term to two full years at PCC, then transfer your credits to a four-year school. Our dual enrollment programs with PSU, OSU, OIT and WGU make it easier than ever!

PCC’s Oregon Transfer Degree guarantees your status as a junior when you’re admitted to any institution in the state system. And, PCC transfer courses are almost always accepted out of state, even at the most prestigious universities. We also offer the associate of science transfer degree.

Small Classes

At PCC, the average class size is 20. At a university, it’s not unusual to find 300 students in a lecture, especially in your first two years. Which do you think makes for a better learning environment?

Dedicated Teachers

The instructors at PCC don’t face constant pressure to publish or make a name in research; they’re here primarily to teach you. You’ll find them readily available for individual help and advising.

Low Cost

A year’s full-time tuition at PCC is well under half the price of a public four-year college or university, and about one-tenth the price of a private institution.