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Facilities Maintenance Technology

Cascade Campus
Trades & Industry Department 
TEB, Room 101 
705 N. Killingsworth 
Portland, OR 97217 

Contact: Katrina Cloud 503-978-5650 
               Sandy Miller 503-978-5651

Associate of Applied Science Degree
    90 credits    
    44 credits
Employment Skills Training Certificate
    14 credit minimum (short-term training)

The facilities maintenance technician installs, maintains and repairs HVAC/R (heating, venting, air conditioning and refrigeration) and other equipment and systems where environmental quality is essential to success of the company. They work in the semiconductor industry, large health care facilities and other heavy industry organizations.

This program offers the skills to enhance a career in facilities maintenance. You can learn the skills and concepts necessary to install, operate, maintain and repair control, piping and mechanical systems in large commercial, medical, institutional and industrial buildings. We also cover troubleshooting skills, problem solving methods and electrical concepts. Continuous improvement techniques and effective written, verbal and electronic communications skills are stressed.

Additional Program Information:
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