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Fiber Optic Training

This course of study delivers intensive, "hands on" training in Industry Standard methods of termination, splicing, troubleshooting, design, maintenance and repair.

Training will include technical demonstrations, videos and classroom lecture and discussion to support practical applications. PCC's training program prepares students to enter the rapidly growing Fiber Optics field. Industry Certificate available.

Students may apply these courses as electives to the Facilities Maintenance Degree or Industrial Technology Degree.

Fiber Optic Careers

The Fiber Optics Technician will terminate, test, troubleshoot, and repair fiber optical links.  The professional will work directly with commercial data, network, security, telco, and system engineers and designers.  Site terminations may require the technician to work inside as well as outside.

What will I do on the job?
- Determine proper fiber cable and components
- Correctly splice and terminate fiber optic links
- Troubleshoot and mend fiber systems
- Install fiber networks
- Copper to fiber systems interface

What skills will I use?
- Analytical thinking
- Deductive reasoning
- Organizational skills
- Written and verbal communications
- Electrical / electronic background
- Scientific knowledge of light refraction and reflection

Who will hire me?
- Communication companies (ie., Qwest, PGB, Verizon)
- Telco installers (ie., Christensen Electric, Tice Electric)
- Systems providers (ie., PacWest, AT&T)

What will I earn?
Salaries begin around $9-$18 per hour.  Wages significantly depend on additional skills sets, such as an LME electrical license.

Need more information?
Contact Us

Trades & Industry Department
Cascade Campus
705 N. Killingsworth Street
Technology Education Building, Room 100
Portland, OR  97217

Contact:     John Shaw, Instructor
                    phone: 503-978-5654

Contact:    Katrina Cloud, Program Administrative Assistant
                    phone: 503-978-5650


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