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Program Description

PCC offers an opportunity to enter various apprenticeship programs. Students must prepare for and meet standards to fulfill their complete on-the-job training program.

PCC Catalog Pages:  Admission requirements, career information, and required courses for Electrical Trades. (PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader)

The Entire PCC Catalog:  Information on all majors, plus general requirements for all degrees, student support services, full-time faculty, and more. (1.9 MB PDF file)

Course Descriptions:  With direct links to the current class schedule for each course.

Course Content and Outcomes Guides (CCOGs):  These guides are designed for faculty use, but may be used as a general reference for students. The course syllabus, distributed by the instructor on the first day of class, is the official guide for the class.

Need More Information?
Trades & Industry Department
Sandy Miller, Apprenticeship and Training Specialist
Office: 503-978-5651
Fax:  503-978-5656




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